Orange and the choregies

Welcome to Orange

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The festival

The Chorégies d'Orange festival is the oldest French festival and dates back from 1869. Over the years, it has kept its uniqueness: due to its name that comes from the Greek "choreos" - thus relating it to the Greek and Latin tradition, and due to the place where it takes place every summer: a perfectly well-kept Antique Theatre that has a capacity of 8600 places. For its 150th season, the festival of the Chorégies d'Orange presented a program built around unpublished works, surprises and renowned artists.

Guillaume Tell will be performed for the very first time as part of the festival. Rossini's opera, directed by Jean-Louis Grinda, director of the Chorégies, will be given as a unique performance on July 12, with an appealing cast, Nicola Alaimo in the title role, Annick Massis as Matilda's, Celso Albelo as Arnold and Nora Gubisch as Hedwidge.


Antique Theatre

As an exceptional witness of Antiquity, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Roman Antique Theatre of Orange is the best kept in Europe.
Today, the Theatre hosts tens of thousands of spectators every year for various summer events, including the famous Chorégies.


Théâtre antique Orange
Arc de triomphe Orange

Triumphal arch

Paris has its Triumphal Arch, so has Orange. It is one of the oldest and largest Triumphal Arch, an exceptional monument of Provencal Roman art. It is classified as part of the UNESCO World Heritage.